The Eagle and the Loon

Perched in a beautiful northern Minnesota cabin for a couple weeks I have had lots of time to think. The air is clean. The sun is warm and the breezes have been ideal for thinking. I freely move from one thought to another and raise questions in my mind that require exploration. Life does not always allow this experience of freedom.

That's what diggers like me do. We think. And wonder. And ask "What if.....?"

We have a resident eagle near our cottage and he is awesome. I stepped out of our dining room the other day onto the deck and heard this "whomp, whomp, whomp, whomp"....and wondered what had our dogs discovered? (Actually, it was more like "What is Ruth up to now?") In the same nano second, I saw him -the eagle - fly right above me! If I had a ladder, I could have touched his wings. It was a moment of absolute wonder and awe. And it was SO mine!

Our Loon is not so imminent. She calls and I hear her but don't really know where she is.

And then, there she is. Right in front of my eyes. Ever elusive and never, as yet, close. 

The Common Loon, as any native Minnesotan knows, is famous for her bird song vocalise. She knows how to speak her truth. At home on the water, she glides effortlessly across the top and is a powerful diver come dinner time. But her despairing attempts to navigate her way on land are awkward and clumsy. 

We have had numerous experiences like this in our time here. How I would love to always live in the company of the rhythm and wisdom of our natural world. The Eagles fly and the Loons call, as they need to.

What if all humans could...

Be free like an eagle to explore our own interests and rights?

Appreciate the freedom we have fought for and won in this country?

Learn how to recognize what is ours to do (personally and collectively) and what belongs to another?

Honor the fear of extinction and take responsibility for our own?

Respectfully speak our own truth while also learning of new ways, however awkward and clumsy we might feel in doing so?

What a wonderful world that would be!

I am awake to the the violence and intolerance in our world today and each day I try to dig deeper still to find hope, understanding and right action. I will leave this place in the woods next week with images of and lessons from my friends the Eagle and the Loon to guide me. 

"In the stillness of the quiet, if we listen, we can hear the whisper of the heart giving strength to weakness, courage to fear, hope to despair." -- Howard Thurman