“Beauty is a particularly potent and intense form of curiosity.”           ~Jonah Lehrer,  American Journalist

Photography is a means of seeing and experiencing what I perceive as beautiful. It's a vehicle that allows me to imagine and express my connection with what I think of as essence, or energy, in my world. I believe that the human spirit is inextricably linked to the natural world and that we are nourished by this relationship, however we individually define or experience it.

My purpose as a photographer is to explore and deepen this collaboration with nature for myself in order to share it with others and, in that way, to cultivate a deeper relationship for all of us. 

My choice of subject comes from this inescapable desire I have to connect: to get into the middle of a field; to disappear among the flowers or the woods; or to imagine how it feels to be a wave.

I'm inspired by my love for this beauty, wherever my eyes can find it, or my mind can imagine it.  I've learned that if I slow down and allow playfulness and my inherent curiosity to motivate me, I am able to enter into the part of my environment that I think of as essence – I can’t see it, but I can feel it.